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We Know What it Takes
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medical machineRadiation Beam Collimator Linear Actuator

When Microns Matter...

Submicron Resolution

Precision Ground Ball Screws

Zero Backlash

Group Shot of Ultra Motion Industrial Linear Actuators

Downtime Costs Money

High Reliability,
Extended Life Linear Actuators

Cryogenic Linear Actuator

77K to 85°C


Boat launching ROVUnderwater Linear Actuator

Under Pressure?

Pressure Compensated Linear Actuators to 20,000 Feet

Deployed Accessories, Control
Surfaces, Gimbals...
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Heart and Lung Machines, Precision
Radiation-Therapy Units, Research...
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Assembly Lines, Conveyor Systems,
Pneumatic/Hydraulic Replacement...
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Science & Research
Particle Accelerators, Laser
Experiments, Telescopes...
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Underwater & Marine
Underwater Exploration,
Offshore Drilling, ROVs...
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Other Industries
Robotics, Military, Entertainment,
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Small, High Power Density Linear Actuator

B1 Parallel Mount Linear Actuator with BLDC MotorOur series B1 actuators are 50% smaller than our standard B2 series parallel mount linear actuators, and can be configured to forces up to 500 lbf and speeds to 20 in/s. Due to the B1’s extremely high power density these actuators are being used in…
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Rugged Underwater Linear Actuator

Custom Underwater Linear Actuator

Ultra Motion has used over 15 years of experience in underwater linear motion control to develop a high performance, ruggedized, subsea linear actuator. Currently available as custom units only, these submersible actuators… Read More
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  • Stepper Motor, Brushless DC, and Brushed Actuators
  • 0.1” to 16” stroke length (2”, 4”, and 8” standard)
  • Forces to 500 lbf
  • Speeds to 20 in/s
  • Submicron resolution
  • Specialty Actuators:
    • Subsea actuators operating in depths to 22,000 feet underwater (10,000 psi)
    • IP64 environmentally protected actuators
    • Cryogenic Environment actuators operating below 77 K
    • Radiation Hardened actuators exposed to 20 Mrads/year
    • Vacuum compatible, low outgassing actuators to 1×10-6 Torr
  • Custom Actuators:
    • Develop custom tailored solutions to meet performance specifications that exceed the capability of standard actuators.
  • Industrial Network Protocols such as CANopen, Ethernet, and more.