Ultra Motion Unveils Advanced Servo Actuators for the Defense Industry

Ultra Motion’s suite of servo actuators provides environmentally hardened, reliable, and power-dense actuation options that meet the demands of the defense industry. All of our servo actuators utilize our patented Phase Index absolute position feedback and include built-in brushless DC control electronics. Communication protocols like RS-485 and CAN 2.0B allow for complete control over the […]

Ultra Motion Actuators: Essential for Thrust Vector Control

Ultra Motion actuators are consistently relied on for thrust vector control of rocket engines due to their exceptional mechanical reliability, high power density, and dynamic performance capabilities. Our actuators have been integral to the engine control systems of several successful first-stage orbital rockets, while our vacuum-compatible actuators have demonstrated flawless performance across multiple in-space missions. […]

The Servo Cylinder: A Quick Look at This Leading UAV Actuator Solution

The Servo Cylinder is a popular choice for high reliability UAV control surface and utility linear actuator applications. The A-Series Servo Cylinder uses a brushless DC motor and contactless absolute position feedback to reduce wear and provide superior performance when compared to potentiometers and brushed DC solutions. The built-in control electronics offer a variety of communication interfaces including CAN […]

Join us at XPONENTIAL 2023

XPONENTIAL brings together the global community for uncrewed systems and autonomy, including business leaders, engineers, and end users from 20+ markets and operational domains. This event features immersive keynotes, workshops, and education sessions; opportunities to network and problem-solve with peers; demos, competitions, and so much more. It’s also the home of the world’s largest showcase […]

Component Focus: Internal Desiccant

All of the dynamic shaft seal design efforts taken by Ultra Motion will minimize the amount of liquid ingress into the actuator enclosure, but 100% moisture exclusion is not feasible. For this reason, the A2 and AM Servo Cylinders include a custom injection molded desiccant block in close proximity to the control electronics and BLDC stator to adsorb moisture […]

UltraMotion subsea actuator

Ultra Motion Actuators Go Offshore On Subsea Cable Installation Carriage

Great to see our U1 Series subsea linear actuator being used in North Sea Systems’ CableFish. The system provides subsea cable installers with continuous video and mapping of the product as it contacts the seabed. Our actuator enables the survey carriage to be attached and removed from the cable without any manual intervention – thereby […]

Servo Cylinder Tests Future Interplanetary Rotorcraft in Simulated Titan Atmosphere

Dragonfly is a rotorcraft lander being designed by the Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Laboratory in support of NASA’s New Frontiers program. The Dragonfly dual-quadcopter will be sent to explore Saturn’s moon, Titan, and to take a variety of in-flight atmospheric and surface measurements. Titan’s dense atmosphere and low gravity make it an ideal candidate for […]

New CAN Protocol For Servo Cylinder

Ultra Motion has released a new general-purpose CAN protocol for the Servo Cylinder that can be configured for use in a wide range of systems from commercial autopilots or J1939 systems to python test setups or microcontrollers. This simple to implement protocol leverages the networkability and extremely reliable hardware layers of CAN to create robust motion control […]