Aerospace Linear Actuators





• Shock and Vibration
• Wide Temperature Range
• Ingress Protection

Medical Linear ActuatorsUltra Motion Medical Linear Actuator

When Microns Matter...

Submicron Resolution

Precision Ground Ball Screws

Zero Backlash

Industrial Linear ActuatorsLinear Motion Systems

Downtime Costs Money

High Reliability,
Extended Life Linear Actuators

Linear Motion SystemsLinear Motion Systems

77K to 85°C


Custom Aerospace Linear ActuatorElectric Cylinder

Pressure Compensated Linear Actuators to 20,000 Feet

Aerospace Linear Actuators
Aerospace Deployed Accessories, Control Surfaces, Gimbals...
Medical Linear Actuators
Medical Heart and Lung Machines, Precision Radiation-Therapy Units, Research...
Industrial Linear Actuators
Industrial Assembly Lines, Conveyor Systems Pneumatic/Hydraulic Replacement...
Science & Research Linear Actuators
Science & Research Particle Accelerators, Laser Experiments, Telescopes...
Underwater Linear Actuators
Underwater & Marine Underwater Exploration, Offshore Drilling, ROVs..
ultra motion other industries icon
Other Industries Robotics, Military, Entertainment, Communications...

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Join us at XPONENTIAL 2023

XPONENTIAL brings together the global community for uncrewed systems and autonomy, including business leaders, engineers, and end users from 20+ markets and operational domains. This event features…

Component Focus: Internal Desiccant

All of the dynamic shaft seal design efforts taken by Ultra Motion will minimize the amount of liquid ingress into the actuator enclosure, but 100% moisture exclusion is not feasible. For this reason,…
UltraMotion subsea actuator

Ultra Motion Actuators Go Offshore On Subsea Cable Installation Carriage

Great to see our U1 Series subsea linear actuator being used in North Sea Systems' CableFish. The system provides subsea cable installers with continuous video and mapping of the product as it contacts…

  • Stepper Motor, Brushless DC, and Brushed Actuators
  • 0.1” to 16” stroke length
  • Forces to 500 lbf
  • Speeds to 20 in/s
  • Submicron resolution
  • Industrial Network Protocols such as CANopen, Ethernet, and more.
  • Specialty Actuators:
    • Subsea actuators operating in depths to 22,000 feet underwater (10,000 psi)
    • IP65 environmentally protected actuators
    • Cryogenic Environment actuators operating below 77 K
    • Radiation Hardened actuators exposed to 20 Mrads/year
    • Vacuum compatible, low outgassing actuators to 1×10-6 Torr
  • Custom Actuators:
    • Develop custom tailored solutions to meet performance specifications that exceed the capability of standard actuators.