High Performance Linear Servo Actuator

  • BLDC control electronics and contactless absolute position feedback built-in
  • Control via CAN 2.0B, RS-422 serial, RC PWM, and more
  • Lightweight, high power density, high bandwidth
  • Ideal for harsh shock and vibration environments in the aerospace and defense industries
  • 100% electrically conductive hardcoat anodized aluminum enclosure for EMI/EMC protection
  • Typical applications include swashplate and tail-rotor control, fixed wing UAV control surfaces, thrust vector control of rocket engines, UGV brake and transmission control, etc.
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30 Years of Underwater Heritage

  • BLDC control electronics and contactless position feedback built-in
  • Pressure balanced oil-filled for operation to 6000+ meters (10,000 PSI)
  • Control via CAN, RS-422 serial, digital signals, and more
  • Ideal for harsh maritime applications above and below the waterline
  • Hydrofoils, ROV control surfaces, subsea valves, release mechanisms, USV control…
  • Shallow underwater versions available for low cost subsea actuation: hydrofoils, littoral uses, USV control
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Robust and Reliable for Industrial Applications

  • Industrial-grade linear servo actuator
  • Built-in BLDC control electronics and absolute position feedback
  • Expanded control options: CAN, RS-422 serial, 4-20 mA in/out, ±10 VDC
  • IP65 sealing for wet and dusty environments
  • Ideal for industrial automation tasks, environmental cells, dynamometers, outdoor applications
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Your Cost-Effective Solution for Precision Control

  • Complete linear servo system
  • Built-in BLDC control electronics and absolute position feedback
  • Control options: CAN, RS-422 serial, 4-20 mA in/out, ±10 VDC
  • Non-sealed, lowest cost version
  • Suitable for benchtop applications, laboratory experiments, clean environments
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  • Brushless DC, stepper motor, and brushed DC actuators
  • Integrated control electronics and absolute position feedback
  • Communication protocols include CAN 2.0B, RS-422 serial, RC PWM, 4-20 mA, and more
  • 0.1" to 16" strokes
  • Force to 1,200 lbf
  • Speeds to 14 in/s
  • Submicron resolution
  • Preloaded assemblies
  • Specialty Actuators:
    • Subsea actuator for operation in depths of 22,000 feet below water (10,000 psi)
    • IP67 environmental protection
    • Shock and vibration hardened assemblies
    • Vacuum compatible and low outgassing actuators to 1x10^-6 Torr
    • Radiation hardened actuators exposed to 20 MRad/year
  • Custom Actuators:
    • Develop custom tailored solutions to meet performance specifications that exceed the capability of standard actuators.