Ultra Motion Unveils Advanced Servo Actuators for the Defense Industry

Ultra Motion’s suite of servo actuators provides environmentally hardened, reliable, and power-dense actuation options that meet the demands of the defense industry. All of our servo actuators utilize our patented Phase Index® absolute position feedback and include built-in brushless DC control electronics. Communication protocols like RS-485 and CAN 2.0B allow for complete control over the actuator while enabling detailed telemetry for health monitoring and preventative maintenance.

Design features include:

  • D38999 connectors
    • Custom options include alternative keying arrangements, finishes, and connectors.
  • Saltwater resistance for marine and shipboard applications.
  • Preloaded actuators for zero backlash, increased stiffness, and maximum control authority.
  • Pressure-compensated oil-filled designs for submerged operation to depths exceeding 6000 meters.
  • Dual redundant actuators with redundant motors, controllers, and triplicated absolute position feedback when single electrical fault tolerance is required.

Typical defense applications include:

  • Vehicle Control
    • Fixed-wing surfaces, swashplate and tail-rotor, fins, subsea rudder/fin, hydrofoils, landing gear, etc.
  • Utility Actuation
    • Hatches, pin release, sensor deployment
  • Sensor leveling platforms
  • Valves