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The demand for quieter, more efficient, and smaller medical devices is increasing as technology advances. Ultra Motion brushless DC actuators offer high power densities, long life, and smooth operation, which make them particularly well suited for the medical industry. Compared to stepper motor actuators, BLDC actuators run cooler and quieter, creating a device that is better suited to medical environments. BLDC actuators also offer longer life, higher performance and reliability, and greater thermal dissipation over brushed counterparts.

We employ the necessary design controls across all changes to the actuator or manufacturing process, including those occurring long after your medical device has been introduced to the market. From prototypes to clinical trials through full scale production, Ultra Motion is there to support all phases of your project.

Medical Linear Actuators with options

Industry Spotlight

Radiation Beam Collimator

Ultra Motion supplies linear actuators capable of submicron accuracy to control precision radiation-therapy machines. Our actuators allow for the safe and accurate aiming of ionizing radiation at targeted cancer cells without harming the surrounding tissue.

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  • Custom, high power density BLDC w/ 20,000 CPR commutating encoder
  • Triplex Angular Contact Bearings
  • Precision Ground Ball Screw with Zero Backlash
  • 1” travel
  • 1 in/s min
  • 100 lbf continuous
  • 0.1 micron resolution
  • 30 micron accuracy over 300mm
  • 10 year life, 318 million mm of travel
  • Custom cabling