New Controller Options Including CANopen, 4-20 mA Input/Output, And More.

The Industrial Controller and CAN Controller are two new control board options now offered alongside the Classic controller integrated in all Servo Cylinder models.

The Industrial Control Board offers a 4-20 mA input and an isolated 4-20 mA output for simple and robust communication with new and existing PLC systems. The industrial control board can also be provided a ±10VDC command signal, and has an RS-422 full duplex serial connection for more reliable communication in harsh environments compared to the classic controller.

The CAN Control Board is compliant to CiA DS301 and DS402 with support for cyclic synchronous position and profile position modes, allowing for sophisticated and synchronized control of up to 127 Servo Cylinders per CAN bus. The CANopen controller has a half-duplex RS-485 serial connection for diagnostics, configuration, and field updating of the firmware.

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