Cutting-Edge Actuator Position Sensor

What is Phase Index®?

Phase Index® is Ultra Motion’s innovative new position sensor technology for electromechanical actuators. The Phase Index® position sensor is a digital, high-speed, high-resolution, non-contacting actuator position sensor that works over a wide temperature range and is resistant to vibration, shock, particulate debris, and condensing moisture. The sensor is self-calibrating, and does not need backup power to retain absolute position when power is off. The absolute position of an actuator is available immediately upon power-up and with full accuracy. No power-up homing routine is needed to establish an accurate absolute position.

How Does it work?

The Phase Index® position sensor works by using the phase relationship between two cyclic signals with different periods to determine absolute position within a larger interference cycle of the combined signals. When implemented with state-of-the-art magnetic sensor technology, this technique allows for a high-speed, high-resolution, digital actuator position sensor that is always accurate and that works across a range of harsh environmental conditions.

Cutting-Edge Actuator Position Sensor

How is it used?

The first commercial implementation of Ultra Motion’s Phase Index® position sensor technology, used in a demanding aerospace application, has performed flawlessly through extensive and rigorous environmental testing and field operations. Ultra Motion is now adapting this proven sensor technology to a range of designs from high-performance, high-power-density aircraft actuators, to low-cost industrial motion control. Phase Index® actuator position sensing technology is available exclusively from Ultra Motion, so contact our engineers to find out how it can work for your application.